Laser Nail Fungus

lnt_bannerWith our Cutera system we are able to offer fast, painless treatments for toenail fungus. We have one of the most powerful lasers for toenail fungus. Before the advent of laser treatment, the only products available to treat this condition were strong medications that can cause liver damage and largely ineffective liquids and creams that are time consuming to apply.

Nail fungus is a common condition estimated to affect up to 10% of the population worldwide. It can cause nails to become yellow or discolored. As the infection advances the nail can become thick, brittle and separate from the nail bed. It can also cause pain when wearing shoes or walking. Our laser has been cleared to be both a safe and effective solution for the treatment of nail infection, more commonly known as toenail fungus. This laser is also a safe and effective treatment for scar reduction and warts.

How does the laser work and will it hurt?

Laser light passes through the nail and the surrounding tissue. The laser light is absorbed by pigment in the fungi, which causes the pigment to heat, and this heat kills or damages the fungal organism. This safe and painless laser treatment irradiates the fungus and kills it without any damage to surrounding nail or skin. Ultimately, this method can result in your nail to grow normally. Most clients describe the procedure as being comfortable with a small hot pinch at the end that resolves quickly.

How long does the treatment take?

The laser treatment will take about 20-30 minutes to treat both feet. As each toe is treated by the laser you will feel a mild, warming sensation. Many times only one treatment is necessary.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

Remove nail polish or any other decorations the day before your procedure.

Are there any restrictions post-treatment?

Following the treatment, most clients can return to your normal activities right away.

What are the possible side effects?

Studies on laser treatment for toenail fungus are extremely encouraging. To date, no known side effects have been found. Long-term effects for laser treatment for toenail fungus seem just as promising. Coupled with good hygiene of the toes, and follow up treatment with a topical anti-fungal cream, clients should experience good, long-term result in the elimination of the toe nail fungus.

When will I see results?

Depending on how quickly your toenails grows, significant improvement can be seen over one year, but many times you will notice results within 2-4 months. New, clear growth begins to appear at the bottom portion of your nail as the diseased portion of your nail grows out.