Can I Lose Weight Quickly with Medical Weight Loss?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 05/10/2022

Do you want to lose weight without the help of a fad diet? Learn about medical weight loss and how to reach your goal weight safely and successfully.


Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help With Menopause?

Jaime Hatchett | 04/09/2022

Menopause symptoms like hot flashes can interfere with your life. See if you are a candidate for bioidentical hormones at our cutting-edge clinic.


Struggling to Lose Weight? Give Science a Try

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 03/05/2022

Medical weight loss is a scientifically-based program provided by a medical professional. See how our clinic provides real weight loss results here.


Five Signs Of Low Hormone Levels In Men And Women

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 02/03/2022

Are you suffering from any of these uncomfortable or disruptive symptoms? Your hormones may be to blame.


What is IV Nutrition Used to Treat?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 01/11/2022

IV therapy administers essential vitamins and minerals into your system to reduce chronic fatigue and other symptoms. Learn about IV nutrition here.


Who is Medical Weight Loss Good For?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 12/07/2021

Obesity can lead to health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Learn how our medical weight loss program is tailored to meet your health goals.


How Safe Are Bioidentical Hormones For Everyone?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 11/21/2021

Bioidentical hormones are useful for your body, as they are healthy and safe for you to tolerate.


When Is The Best Time To Start Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 10/17/2021

Wondering whether you are too old or too young for hormone replacement therapy? Learn more about the best age for HRT here!


What to Expect After IPL Photofacial

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 09/17/2021

The Limelight IPL Photofacial treats a variety of skin conditions to reduce unwanted discoloration and blemishes while rejuvenating natural tissue.


What are the Anti-Aging Benefits of the Opus® Laser?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 08/29/2021

Opus laser treatment from Renew Wellness Center in Sugar Land or Addison, TX is a safe and effective way to take years off your appearance.


Four Causes Of Hair Loss In Men And Women

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 07/20/2021

What could be causing your hair loss? Discover the most common causes of thinning hair and hair loss here, and find out how PRP therapy can help.


How Often Can I Get IPL Photofacials For Skin Rejuvenation?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 07/03/2021

Love your glowing skin after a photofacial and ready for another one? Find out how often it’s safe and appropriate to have IPL photofacial treatment.


Refine Your Facial Skin Texture With the Opus® Laser

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 05/13/2021

Learn how the Opus laser can help improve signs of aging on the face in Sugar Land and Addison, TX.


Reduce Dark Circles Under Your Eyes With an IPL Photofacial

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 04/27/2021

When you’re looking for skin rejuvenation, an IPL photofacial can reduce dark circles under the eyes.


How Effective is PRP for Eyebrow Growth?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 04/27/2021

Platelet-rich plasma helps stimulate hair growth and is a successful hair restoration treatment in Texas.


Will truSculpt® flex Treatment Remove Your Flank Fat?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 04/23/2021

Get rid of flank fat and tone your body with truSculpt flex treatment in Sugar Land or Addison, TX.


I Have Freckles. Can Laser Genesis Treatment Get Rid of Them?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 04/13/2021

Laser Genesis therapy can help reduce the signs of aging and the appearance of freckles on the face.


Can PRP Reverse Male and Female Pattern Baldness?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 03/26/2021

Platelet-rich plasma is a hair restoration treatment for male and female pattern baldness.


Will IPL Photofacial Improve the Texture of My Skin?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 03/25/2021

When you want to even out skin tone and improve skin texture on your face, try an IPL photofacial.


How Much Weight Can You Lose With truSculpt® iD?

Dr. Desai & Dr. Patel | 03/23/2021

truSculpt iD is a nonsurgical body contouring treatment that can help tighten and contour the body.


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