Four Causes Of Hair Loss In Men And Women

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If a receding hairline runs in your family, you may not be surprised when your own hair begins to thin. However, there may be more to your hair loss than genetics. For many men and women, unexpected, early, or significant hair loss is a source of extreme frustration and even embarrassment. Award-winning physicians Dr. Nina Desai and Dr. Dhara Patel of Renew Laser & Skin understand the sensitive and personal nature of hair loss and are proud to help patients restore a younger, fuller, healthier look with PRP therapy in Sugar Land and Addison, TX. Learn more about the potential causes of hair loss here, and find out whether you may be a candidate for PRP hair restoration.

Why is my hair falling out?

There are virtually endless reasons why you may be noticing increased shedding or hair loss. In many cases, hair loss is multifactorial, meaning there is more than one variable contributing to your symptoms. Hair loss can be mild or severe, chronic or intermittent, and associated with a physiologic process or environmental factors. For instance, losing handfuls of hair each day may be related to an underlying condition, while noticing more hair on the bathroom floor than usual may simply be a result of overstyling. Hair loss can also affect both men and women. Four of the most common causes of hair loss are:

  • Genetics: Genetics and heredity play a major role in when and how you can expect your hairline to change. If you have a family history of baldness, thinning hair, or a receding hairline, you may be more likely to experience the same patterns of hair loss over the course of your lifetime.

  • Medical condition: There are a number of underlying conditions, such as alopecia, that can cause unexpected hair loss. Hormone imbalance can also contribute to thinning hair and even baldness. For many men and women, andropause and menopause bring about a significant change in hair density and growth patterns.

  • Stress: By now, most of us know all too well the devastating toll that stress and anxiety can take on virtually every part of the body. Periods of extreme stress are known to trigger hair loss and can even be responsible for alopecia.

  • Styling: Believe it or not, your daily hair care and styling routine may be playing a role in how much hair you’re shedding. Constant stress or tension on the hair from any of the following can cause thinning hair and hair loss:

  • Wearing a tight ponytail or hair tie
  • Pulling hair ties, pins, and clips in and out of your hair
  • Overstyling
  • Styling with high heat
  • Certain hair products or shampoos
  • Tight braiding
  • Brushing through tangles
  • Teasing hair

How can I increase hair growth without surgery?

While surgical hair restoration is certainly an effective solution for hair loss, many men and women prefer a less invasive, less expensive, more natural alternative to hair transplant surgery. For these patients, Drs. Desai and Patel may recommend nonsurgical PRP therapy for hair loss.

How does PRP reverse hair loss?

During a PRP hair restoration treatment in Addison or Sugar Land, patients will have a small tube of blood drawn from their arms. The blood is then spun in an on-site centrifuge, which works to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from other elements in the blood. The PRP is then prepared in syringes and strategically injected into areas of thinning hair or hair loss on the scalp using ultra-fine needles. Over time, powerful growth factors and regenerative properties contained within the PRP trigger the follicles and stimulate new, healthy hair growth. Because PRP hair restoration uses only the patient’s own blood, there is virtually no risk of adverse or allergic reaction, making this a popular natural solution for hair loss.

Patients should begin to notice new hair growth about 3 – 6 weeks after PRP treatment, with the final results taking up to six months or more to develop. In some cases, patients require a repeat round of PRP treatment to achieve their desired outcome.

Fight back against hair loss the natural way with PRP hair restoration in Addison or Sugar Land, TX

If you are embarrassed by early or noticeable hair loss, you are not alone. Whether your hair loss is related to stress, overstyling, or genetics, you may be a candidate for PRP therapy. Join the many men and women who have reversed their hair loss and achieved natural, full hair growth with PRP restoration at Renew Laser & Skin. To learn more about this exciting treatment, call either of our convenient locations in Addison and Sugar Land, TX to schedule your private consultation with expert physicians Dr. Nina Desai and Dr. Dhara Patel today.

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