Five Benefits of truSculpt flex

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It's completely normal to look in the mirror and not be entirely pleased with the body you see in the reflection. While there are various methods of attaining our desired body type, such as diet and exercise, they don't always work for everyone. Fortunately, truSculpt® flex can step in when these situations occur. Renew Laser & Skin in Sugar Land and Addison, TX is home to this revolutionary body contouring technology that has proven in clinical studies to increase muscle mass by as much as 33% in only 4 – 6 treatments. Board-certified physicians Dr. Nina Desai and Dr. Dhara Patel are highly experienced in customizing this treatment to precisely meet the goals of our patients.

1. Treat multiple areas of the body at once with truSculpt flex

truSculpt flex is the only body contouring device capable of treating up to eight muscle groups at once. This allows patients to focus on the full body in one treatment rather than splitting it out over several visits. Areas of the body that can be treated effectively include:

  • Abdomen
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves

2. truSculpt flex is completely customizable

What truly differentiates this device from other similar muscle-sculpting technologies is its ability to be completely personalized to the needs of each individual. It is equipped with three distinct modes that utilize different electrical frequencies in order for Dr. Desai or Dr. Patel to provide specific results.

3. truSculpt flex offers a quick treatment time

This procedure takes only 45 minutes, making it perfect for those who may find it difficult to find time in their busy schedule to visit the gym. truSculpt flex is performed in our Sugar Land or Addison, TX offices, and is incredibly easy to squeeze into any lunch break or short period of availability.

4. Virtually everyone is a candidate for truSculpt flex

Almost anyone unhappy with the current state of their physical build can find noticeable results through the use of truSculpt flex at Renew Laser & Skin. It has been FDA-cleared for the strengthening, firming, and toning of abdominal, buttocks, and thigh muscles in men and women of most age groups.

5. truSculpt flex is entirely noninvasive

While traditional surgical options, such as tummy tucks, require invasive methods, anesthesia, and extensive recovery times, truSculpt flex is completely nonsurgical. It utilizes eight electrical handpieces, which make use of Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology in order to grow the muscles in the targeted areas. In terms of recovery time, patients are free to return to their daily lives almost immediately following the treatment and most describe the sensation as similar to that of an intense workout.

Show off a whole new you

Your body doesn't have to be a point of self-consciousness. truSculpt flex makes it possible to perfectly shape your body to achieve the tone and definition you've always desired. The staff at Renew Laser & Skin are always happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about this treatment or any of the others we offer. We encourage patients in or near Sugar Land or Addison, TX to contact us today about scheduling their consultation with Dr. Nina Desai or Dr. Dhara Patel.

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