Acne Scarring

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This topic is near and dear to my heart. During high school, I had severe acne and had to take oral antibiotics for 6 months along with topical medications. Which left me with scarring on both my cheeks. Since then aesthetic medicine has cast a broad range of solutions for darker skin types dealing with acne scarring. At Renew Laser & Skin Sugar Land, Dr. Nina Desai and myself offer our patients smoother and more even tone skin dealing with acne and acne scarring.

I like to break down acne scarring into two parts: texture changes and pigmentation changes. Texture changes can be seen in the form of box scars and pick scars, these can be challenging to treat but, with patience and the right treatments and skincare offered at Renew Laser and Skin, we will have your skin looking radiant in no time. Pigmentation scars occur when your skin overproduces melanin, this is usually caused when the body identifies the acne or blemishes as an injury, hence it turns red/sore as an inflammatory response. However, there is good news pigmentation changes/pigmentation scars are a little easier to deal with. When I see my patients at Renew Laser and Skin Sugar Land, I like to treat the texture since a lot of the pigmentation improves as a byproduct of the textural treatments.

Where should I start? How can I see results quicker?

While most patients coming to see us want to jump in and get started with procedures; I can’t stress the importance of a good skin care regimen. If you’re still having active breakouts, we need to address them before we can start correcting acne scarring. Acne-prone skin can be very temperamental so you have to be careful not to do too much, too fast.

What treatments are there for Acne Scarring & Pigment?

If the scarring is severe and there is a lot of scar tissue underneath the surface of the skin causing puckering, we must first break up that scar tissue first and stimulate the skin to heal itself.

The first option would be a Microneedle Treatment for the face or affected area, adding PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), will significantly improve the area but, improvements can be done with just micro-needling.

How does your body heal when you get a cut on your hand? When you receive an injury, for example, a deep paper cut, the body sends growth factors to that area which stimulates collagen production to heal the skin. Microneedling works in a similar way. Microneedle causes a “controlled injury” to stimulate your own body to heal the area. The process of adding PRP to acne scarring treatments would be drawing your blood, concentrating those growth factors, and infusing them back in your skin, which is proven to increase the healing and correcting process. With the combination of PRP to micro-needling, your results can show significant improvement not only to acne scarring and pigmentation but, even stretch marks and uneven textures on the skin.

At Renew Laser and Skin, we can customize the depth of the micro-needling treatments to target box scarring and pick scars. In the past few years, RF micro-needling technology has taken acne scar revision to a different level. The Secret RF helps speed up the process and can have increased results compared to a basic micro-needle treatment. What makes Cutera Secret RF different? As the needles go into the deeper layers of the skin, they transmit radiofrequency energy to the layer of connective tissue helping to smooth out texture changes as well as giving a little bit of tightening and lifting.

Once we address the texture changes with acne, any pigmentation changes can be improved with our products at Renew Laser & Skin. There are various products and services to help with brightening pigmented skin. Chemical peels on the market that address a variety of issues and include different strengths. To find out what would work best for you, read our blog on Chemical Peels, we have great choices for acne pigmentation that we can customize for all skin types and sensitivities. You don’t have to live with acne scarring anymore. Stop by our office in Sugar Land and/or Addison location to talk about your options. Don’t hide your face behind makeup, let us customize a treatment plan to give you the skin you want.

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