Aging Through the 40's

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Turning 40 isn’t always easy, I should know! I find many patients come to see me in their 40’s with the discovery of new lines and wrinkles and just general signs of again like new spots. In reality, aging starts in our 20’s and it’s never too late to start preventing and taking care of your skin. I always try to impart my patients are getting into a good comprehensive skincare regimen. The regimen should consist of growth factors, peptides, retinoids, antioxidants, and sun protection. Simple monthly facials or hydra-facials to keep the skin healthy are important. As we lose collagen the goals are to slow the process of that loss. How can this be done?

  • Routine Skin Care Regimen (Medical Grade Preferred)

  • Monthly Facials/Hydrafacials

  • Laser-based treatments that can boost collagen and treat pigment, lines, and wrinkles

  • Radio-frequency treatments can also help with boosting collagen

  • Injectables that help grow collagen (SCULPTRA, RADIESSE)

  • Avoiding the SUN & External UV Damage (NO TANNING BEDS)

There is something for everyone now, technology has come a long way, so whether you’re light or dark skin toned or you’re 20,30,40,50 + there is a solution. There are now lots of ways to improve your skin and boost collagen look natural doing it. At Renew Laser & Skin, we have an various devices to target all of your concerns.

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