Aging through the 50's

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Congrats! You’re over the hill!!! Although if you’re anything like me you’re dreading it. This is a very critical juncture in the aging process but, trust me when I tell you I know some very good looking 50 yr olds. It’s possible I promise. As if the hormonal changes aren’t already killing your muscle mass, causing abdominal weight gain, but we are also seeing skin changes and hair loss. For those of you with darker skin, you’ve had it good until now but this is where you catch up with the rest.

For men and women, the hormonal changes are going to affect every system in your body. Did you know estrogen has over 200 functions in your body that don’t involve making a baby? There is a safe way to treat these hormonal imbalances. We use bio-identical hormones that are plant-derived and have the same molecular structure as the hormones produced in your body. Guys, that testosterone loss is what’s causing that knee pain. It’s a well-known fact that when we preserve appropriate (I’m not talking about making you into the next Ken doll) levels of our natural hormones it improves the aging process significantly.

Depending on what you have done to maintain your skin so far is going to determine how much work we will need this decade. Up until now, you have experienced a lot of loose skin, now is when the volume loss goes into hyperdrive. For a more natural aging process, this is a time to move away from the regular HA fillers and consider more collagen-boosting products like Sculptra and Radiesse.

These products will naturally and gradually replace the volume loss happening to “keep things from falling” as my patients like to say. I also love these products because they don’t give you the overfilled look as a lot of you are concerned about. For best results, I do recommend starting before you lose the volume happens because as with everything, prevention is key. Up until now I would say your regular Micro-Needling and laser genesis have maintained healthy skin. It is now time to step up your game and move towards more RF Micro-Needling and Ultherapy.

These treatments stimulate your body to keep that deep layer of connective tissue tight and lifted. The good news is that while these procedures can be an investment, you won’t need it often. Most of the time we suggest patients do it on a yearly basis. These treatments will not give you the instant gratification that toxins and fillers do but it is the gift that keeps on giving. Even a year after the treatment, patients still have increased collagen stimulation than they did before.

I’m sure you’re tired of reading yet again about skincare but seriously….skin care, skincare, and more skincare. If you don’t have anything with growth factors now is a crucial time to get on them. These magic little growth factors are what’s going to push your body to produce new collagen. Even if you’re doing all the procedures you need, the added growth factors will make the results better and last longer.

Regardless of where you are on your anti-aging journey, keep in mind there is a solution and we can help you figure it out. Whether you’re on top of it and need the next step or you’re starting new and are lost in a whirlwind of information, we are happy to help you navigate it.

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