Aging through the 60's

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IT’S NOT TO LATE!!! By 60 you’re seeing a lot of signs of aging, especially with the loss of essential hormones. This is true to men and women! Loss of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone have a significant effect on signs of aging. At this point, there is the loss of not only collagen, but also bone, fat, and muscle. So why even try? You’re right there might not be a complete correction all that is seen but there can be a way to slow it down and reverse the signs. What I would recommend is the same as someone in their 30-40-50’s. Especially if you’re trying to avoid surgery.

  • Routine Skin Care Regimen (Medical Grade Preferred)
  • Monthly Facials/HydraFacials
  • Laser-based treatments that can boost collagen and treat pigment, lines, and wrinkles
  • Radiofrequency treatments can also help with boosting collagen
  • Injectables that help grow collagen (SCULPTRA, RADIESSE)
  • Avoiding the SUN & External UV Damage (NO TANNING BEDS)

Healthy Looking Skin Is Younger Looking Skin!!!

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