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About Tattoo Removal

We have all made decisions in our life that we come to regret. I remember being in high school and the barbed wire around the arm band was the cool thing for guys to do. Those guys now have jobs that may not approve of certain tattoo’s or significant others that just don’t like it. Whatever the case may be, we can help.

There are many factors that must be considered in tattoo removal. The age of the tattoo, the color ink that was used, the location on the body, if it was covered up or retouched, etc. Not every tattoo is the same and not every tattoo removal device is the same. This is why we at Renew Laser and Skin prefer to customize packages for our patients.

Traditionally, tattoo lasers were Q-switch lasers. So what are Q-switch lasers? Lasers in general are machines that create a beam of energy. This energy can be used to target brown spots, tattoos, and hair follicles, among many other uses. The difference in lasers comes down to how the energy is transmitted. Q-switch lasers emit the energy in 1 nanosecond. Even though 1 nanosecond is 1 billionth of a second it’s still long enough to heat the skin causing burns or discoloration.

Luckily, we have newer technology available that is safer and more effective in removing tattoos. The Enlighten laser by Cutera has both Nanowave and Picowave settings. 1 picowave is equal to 1000 nanowaves. This allows us to deliver the energy in a shorter time preventing heating of the skin and minimizing the risk of burns and hyperpigmentation. Now you may be thinking if picowave is better then why would I need nanowave at all?

Think of your ink as a big boulder. In order to break the boulder up into dust we first need to break it down into smaller rocks using a big wrecking ball, then we can take a picaxe and break the rocks into dust. The nanowave is the big wrecking ball and the picowave is your picaxe. By using a combination of the two we are able to remove the tattoo in less number of treatments and shorter time, all the while lessening the amount of time the nanowave is used with the same (or better) results!

My goal is to remove or lighten your tattoo in the least number of treatments possible while protecting your skin. So if you are looking for the magic eraser of your tattoo or you are needing a new art piece and just need to make some space, we can customize a plan that’s right for you! Stop by for a complimentary consultation with me!

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