How To Improve Aging Hands

We all love to analyze every pimple, sunspot, acne scar and wrinkle on our faces, yet we completely ignore what’s going on from the chin down. There’s a saying in our industry: If you truly want to know a person’s age, look at their hands. Well, I’m happy to report that doesn’t have to be the case anymore!

While the skin of the neck, chest, and hands is different from the face, it doesn’t mean we can’t use the same tools to target signs of aging. You no longer have to live with the necklace lines, the crepey skin on your hands, and the brown spots on your chest. It all should first start with proper skincare. Do keep in mind that the product(s) you are using has to absorb through the layers for optimal use. Neck creams and hand creams are specially formulated to be absorbed in these areas. The layers of the superficial skin differ in thickness from that of the face so always make sure you are using your skincare products in the right area!

I approach the neck, chest, and hands the same way I do the face: prevention, correction, and collagen production. The skin care products is your prevention step. If you do nothing else, at least make sure you are applying sunscreen to these areas on a daily basis and not just on your beach vacations. We drive every day, which means our hands are exposed to sunlight more than our faces, yet we never think to cover them with sunscreen.

I could write a book on the correction of the problems in these areas, but why bother when you can just come talk to me about it in person? I’ll give you the cliff notes version so you know can start googling on the way to the office. We can use the same lasers to target sun spots on the neck, chest and hands that we use on the face. In fact, at Renew Laser and Skin we can even bundle it together when you begin your face treatments so it’s more cost effective. As we age we lose volume in these areas which can be replaced with a combination of fillers, PRP, and sculptra to not just refill, but also rejuvenate the superficial layers of the skin as well.

You can use the same methods of collagen building such as microneedling +/- PRP, Secret RF, Juliet and Ultherapy to “iron out” those fine lines and strengthen the skin. Realize though that these treatments still have to be customized for areas other than the face. At Renew Laser and Skin we know everyone’s needs are different which is why we can customize a plan that works for you!

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