Non-Surgical Facelift

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Let’s first start with, what is Sculptra? Many of my patients ask me the difference between Sculptra and other injections and to be honest, Sculptra is in a category all on it’s own!

Sculptra is a “collagen stimulant” which is used to replenish volume to a person’s face. We call it the LIQUID FACELIFT. It is injected in a series of treatments in the office and takes 15-20 minutes. The results aren’t appreciated for about 6 weeks, the time it takes the body to create collagen. It has been FDA approved since 2004. Now, Sculptra is amazing on its own, however when recommended, pairing it with Ultherapy can take results to the next level.

Now, what is Ulthera? I’m sure many of you have heard of Ultherapy, especially since Christy Brinkley is now the face of the treatment. Ulthera is a noninvasive skin tightening device. It has been FDA approved for over 5 years. It uses high frequency ultrasound to heat up the deeper levels of the skin to contract, lift, and produce collagen. It can improve the neck, brows, cheeks, and jawline. The procedure is done in the office within 30-90 minutes, depending on how many areas you treat.

Now, let me express the reasons that Sculptra and Ulthera combined together are better than a Facelift………..

1. There is no significant downtime with either Sculptra of Ulthera besides the possibility of some minor bruising.

2. There are no scars, no anesthesia risk, and no post procedure pain significant enough to require pain medication.

3. Ulthera can address skin laxity in the entire face – forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, jawline, upper and lower neck.

4. Ulthera can be repeated for additional tightening without any additional risk.

5. Sculptra addresses the primary reason for facial aging by replenishing the volume in the areas where fat and bone have been lost.

6. By addressing loss of volume with Sculptra, there is a lifting effect on the cheeks, jawline, upper neck, and around the eyes and eyebrows.

7. The cost of the combination of Sculptra and Ulthera is much less than comparable surgical procedures particularly if you include loss of work compensation.

8. The results take several months to achieve and are a gradual and natural enhancement. No shocking your friends with a different looking “you”.

There you have it! I’m a huge proponent of not only Sculptra or Ultherapy, but both treatments together. We provide consultations so schedule yours to learn more!

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