Solutions for Chin Fat & Sagging Neck

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Thanks to social media we are more aware of our profile than ever before. We all want that perfectly angled chin to neck transition. So how do we obtain and maintain that perfect profile look? Well to answer this question we first have to realize that we are dealing with three issues. The area under the chin and into the neck age are prone to the following: pigmentation changes due to sun damage, skin laxity due to loss of collagen/volume/elasticity, and a fat pocket under the chin.

Pigmentation due to sun damage can be stubborn to treat but not impossible. Because this damage is mostly superficial we tend to use a combination of chemical peels, IPL, or lasers with the 755 and 1064 wavelengths. Chemical peels help strip the top layers of the skin so new layers can come to the surface. Different combinations penetrate to different levels which is why it is not only important to know about the chemical combinations, but also the layers of the skin you want to target. Lasers are built to target specific colors such as reds and browns. While there are many different types of lasers, the good ones have the latest technology to isolate that pigmentation and target it without damaging the surrounding area or causing burns/hyper-pigmentation of the treated area.

As we age we lose collagen, the collagen we do have gets looser, we lose volume in the fat layer under the skin which causes sagging, and our skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to, causing wrinkles and necklace lines. If you are in your 30’s LISTEN UP. Prevention is everything!! We all treat our faces but ignore our neck. The sunscreen has to cover all skin above your neckline. The skin in the neck is different from the face, so you need a moisturizer that not only has the key ingredients, but it has to be able to penetrate that particular type of skin. A great way to not only treat but also prevent this is RF micro-needling, laser skin resurfacing, or Ultherapy (see our previous blogs for more details). Then, of course, we have fillers. I love Sculptra or Radiesse in this area to smooth out those lines and wrinkles.

A lot of people end up with fat pockets under the chin and believe it or not a lot of it is not due to weight gain but genetics. It’s also impossible to work off by diet and exercise alone. Like other areas of the body, you can “freeze the fat” or “melt the fat”. I prefer using the trusculpt iD because it not only treats the fat pockets but the heat gives collagen stimulation so it tightens the skin. This way you may not need as many treatments of the procedures we talked about earlier. Mesotherapy or “fat-melting injections” as it is commonly known, using Kybella is a great option as well. It does involve a lot of swelling and downtime but the results can be worth it.

As you can see we have a lot of tools in our toolbox to help you achieve your perfect profile. At Renew Laser & Skin, we would be happy to customize a treatment plan that works for your schedule, lifestyle, and budget.

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