Vaginal Rejuvenation

It's All About Juliet!

I am the mom of two beautiful little boys, and while motherhood came with so many joys, it also brought about changes to my body that are not so joyful. Everyone talks about the weight gain, the stretch marks, and the hair loss during and after pregnancy, but why doesn’t anyone talk about other common problems, like urine leaking? I remember the surprise after my first son was born; the warm, allergen filled March wind blew through, bringing about a light cough (no big deal, right?) and then almost instantaneously I found myself needing a new pair of trousers. I literally peed in my pants due to some minor coughing. It’s embarrassing. I didn’t even tell my husband but I’m sharing it with all of you because I feel we need to talk about the elephant in the room.

Each pregnancy puts weight on the pelvic tissue, stretching and slightly weakening them, which is why afterwards our bodies are not able to control urine as well as they used to. I had two C-sections so I consider myself lucky being able to avoid even more havoc on my vagina than the women that have had vaginal deliveries. No matter the individual problems we face postpartum, why do we just live with it? Why do we ignore it? We sacrifice so much as mothers that I don’t feel I should have to wear a pantyliner every time I want to go to the gym or jump on the trampoline with my kids. So guess what? I’m saying ENOUGH!

My saving grace came in the form of a beautiful machine called the Juliet. Now before you cross your legs just thinking about pain and discomfort, hear me out. The Juliet is a vaginal rejuvenation laser that delivers gentle energy to the pelvic tissue, stimulating the existing collagen to strengthen as well as generating new collagen production. This improves the shape and flexibility of the tissue, helping restore urinary control among other benefits. There is also an external rejuvenation technology that helps “plump up” the labia and improve hyper-pigmentation of the surrounding skin. The best part? IT DOESN’T HURT!! The Juliet is virtually one of the most painless procedures we offer at Renew Laser and Skin.

So how many treatments do you need? I like to say count one for every child you have and then add one if you had to have an episiotomy. After that it’s just a once yearly maintenance because we do continue to age and hormonal fluctuations can also have a big effect on vaginal tissue. I’ll share another little secret with you too, not only does this treatment help with urinary incontinence but it helps with lubrication and better orgasms (yup, I said it). So what’s the downside?? NONE.

After all the things you do for your family, why not do something for yourself? Let’s face it, no one likes wet panties...well…..unless it comes with a happy ending. As long as you have had a normal PAP smear in the last year, you’re welcome to come take advantage of the wonderful Juliet. She won’t disappoint.

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