What are the Anti-Aging Benefits of the Opus™ Laser?

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As we age, it’s normal for changes to occur to our skin, such as texture changes, sagging, thinning, and more. Factors like lifestyle, diet, genetics, stress, and sun exposure all play a role. But Sugar Land and Addison, TX residents who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their skin should consider an anti-aging Opus laser treatment from Dr. Nina Desai and Dr. Dhara Patel at Renew Laser & Skin.

What is Opus laser treatment?

Opus laser treatment uses high radiofrequency (RF) energy to generate plasma pulses from the surrounding air. These pulses create microchannels on the surface of the skin, which initiates collagen production. Over a few treatments, this causes new skin cells to grow, resurfacing the skin’s tone, texture, and overall appearance.

Opus treatments stimulate collagen production thanks to the body’s natural wound-healing process. While it’s similar to microneedling, the Opus plasma technology is the first of its kind to provide long-lasting results for patients of all skin types.

How can Opus laser treatment make my skin appear more youthful?

The rapid cell turnover created by Opus laser treatment creates a range of anti-aging benefits for people who want their skin to appear more supple and youthful. The most noticeable anti-aging benefits of Opus laser treatment at Renew Laser & Skin include:

  • Reducing signs of sun damage

  • Removing fine lines and wrinkles by making skin appear smoother

  • Erasing scarring and stretch marks

  • Improving skin’s texture by getting rid of dullness

  • Correcting upper eyelid drooping

What can I expect during and after treatment?

Opus laser treatment is very safe, and Dr. Desai and Dr. Patel are experts at making sure patients are comfortable during the procedure. Opus treatments are done in the Renew Laser & Skin office in Sugar Land or Addison, TX.

Numbing cream is applied to the treatment area before the Opus laser treatment begins, which can reduce any discomfort during the 10 – 15 minute procedure. Most patients feel some warmth on their skin when the laser is engaged, but there isn’t typically serious discomfort.

For about a day or so, your skin will feel like you have a sunburn, and it will appear red. Most patients find it appropriate to schedule the procedure for a day when they won’t have to go out in public, but Opus treatments don’t result in a lengthy recovery process. Patients should avoid direct sun exposure for at least 48 hours after treatment, as their skin will be sensitive to sunlight.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on your individual skin type and the biggest age-related issues your skin has, our doctors may recommend at least 2 – 3 sessions so that you can see the greatest benefit from Opus treatment. Because the ideal number of treatments is unique to each individual, our team will create a customized treatment plan for you during your consultation.

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Opus laser treatments have many benefits when it comes to improving the look of skin, and for Sugar Land and Addison, TX area men and women who want their skin to appear more supple and youthful, getting Opus laser treatments at Renew Laser & Skin is a perfect fit. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Nina Desai and Dr. Dhara Patel today to discuss how Opus laser treatment can take years off the reflection you see in the mirror.

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